Which Lighting is Best in the Bathroom

LED lighting is ideal for bathrooms. Not only is it cool burning, it comes in an array of colour spectrums. It can literally be coloured lighting or you can choose from a variety of white colours. Some LED lighting resembles natural light while other LED lighting can be pure white.

Bathroom Renovation Canning Vale 

LED lights are measured in lumens (lm). Most lighting suppliers will compare lumens to watts (w) on incandescent lights to give consumers a comparison:

  • 40w equals 450lm
  • 60w equals 600lm
  • 75w equals 1100lm
  • 100w equals 1600lm
  • 150w equals 2600lm

Lumens is important to remember when choosing bathroom lighting. For bathrooms, you don’t want bright lights. 1100lm is ideal according to many interior designers. Its fantastic as well for putting on make up well my wife tells me this!. Its creates a real glamours vibe to your bathroom without costing the earth. Some lighting can be yellow or fluorescent which creates a discolouring to your new bathroom. So if you can avoid it all costs i would.

We are happy to always include this in your bathroom renovation costing or if you are looking for individual work in Perth we recommend Enlighten Electric Services. Servicing all areas. Details below.


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