Picking The Right Shower Head

Your shower is one of the most important aspects of your bathroom. Choosing the right type of shower from a quality brand will ensure you have the best showering experience every time.  Below is a very brief description to help you communicate better with your installer about getting exactly what you want.

Here are five types of showers to help you choose the right one for you;

Fixed Shower– A fixed arm with a pivoting head either from the wall or ceiling.


Adjustable- With its movable arms, you have the flexibility to direct the spray.

Square Luxe Rail

Hand Shower – Provides added functionality to a fixed wall option with the ability to remove the handpiece.


Rain Shower – This shower gives you the luxurious sensation of standing in a downpour. Ideal for a resort-style bathroom, and the key to ultimate relaxation. You can also customise your look by choosing your shower head and arm separately.


Shower Systems– This shower offers both an overhead shower and a hand-held shower, giving you the best of both worlds.

All In One Combo

No matter what shower you choose, it’s best that it fits in with the rest of your bathroom, and your requirements. The best we recommend if you don’t mind a bit of a rail is the combination shower head and rail its great for people like my wife who don’t want to wet their hair every time.

On the ball bathrooms the waterproofing specialist who aim to add to the most value to your home at the lowest costing. As always with all advice its only a guideline and your bathroom situation may not fit.

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