White On White Should I?

Occasionally a client will come in wanting a white on white bathroom. It’s not my place to say what you should or shouldn’t like in your bathroom so I will present the pros and cons on having this design and let you make up your own mind.

Bathroom Renovation Roleystone


  • Creates a very fresh and clean look, We all have painted a white room it really feels like a sense of new.
  • Its non offensive to buyers as it really defines the word neutral
  • It allows for other colours or shades to be introduced that will pop when see it
Bathroom Renovation Thornlie


  • White grout will discolour faster then any other grout as it is the lightest
  • Though being neutral it can be considered quite boring to have it all blend in white.
  • You will never find a pure white floor tile that is strong enough to walk on, during the baking process it makes the floor tile look slightly grey but only against a wall tile will you notice.

This is just a few examples of why and why not you should go all out white. If you like the look go for it, White can be your shade and suit the look you are going for. Always be practical and understand that white does not stay white for the longest. If cleaning is not a big issue for you then I would recommend it.


On the ball bathrooms are Perths best bathroom renovation team



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