Shower Bath Screen – Pro’s and Con’s

Installing a shower over the bath has always proven to be an excellent use of space in smaller bathrooms. The humble shower curtain has been used for the longest time to prevent shower water from splashing outside the bath . These day though there is a wide variety of bath shower screens available but this article will cover the pros and cons of using a screen opposed to the alternative of a shower curtain.

Below is a bathroom renovation in Huntingdale, Western Australia

Bathroom Renovation Huntingdale

Bath Shower Screens

Now it’s time to consider the pros and cons of bath shower screens for your bathroom renovation.


  • A bath shower screen is modern whether through the look of the feel it screams new
  • Clear glass screens make the room look larger, giving a feeling of spaciousness. When we don’t feel we’re in a tight space it’s easier to relax and enjoy it.
  • Bath screens are effective at preventing water from splashing onto dry areas.
  • Shower screens are easy to keep clean, and who wouldn’t want to start their day in a sparkling clean bathroom.
  • You can choose from many different options including bi-fold or sliding screens, framed or frameless screens and even oval screens should you so desire. With such a wide variety of bath screens available
  • Screens last for a long time and can give an up to date look for years when simple designs are chosen.
  • Bath screens can increase the value of your property.


  • The investment required for some shower screens to be purchased and fitted is certainly more than the cost of a simple shower curtain.
  • Like any shower screen, they are porous and can get dirty quicker than a shower curtain

So there you have it. Honestly, if you can avoid a shower curtain you should most definitely do, it should only be used when space cannot use anything else. The last image below is a bathroom renovation that we did in Thornlie that due to the design of the room it needed a two panel set up saving the vanity being ruined.

Below is a bathroom renovation in Melville that required a 2 piece screen that allows a pivot extension for someone you wants a folding-competent to access better the taps

Bathroom Renovation Melville


Below is a link to Before and After Shower Bath renovations we have done in Perth WA and some general advice just Click Here to check it out.

Shower Bath - Bathroom Renovations Perth


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