Will I Ever Use a Corner Spa?

NO. NO. NO. but seriously no you wont. Now that’s just my opinion of doing 60 to 70 bathrooms a year for 20 years. We maybe put in 1 a year, if we can not convince the client to not do it. Especially the suburb of Canning Vale Western Australia as almost every house built between 1998 to 2004 had a spa bath built into it. For this article though i will be unbiased and give you the pro’s and cons of the spa bath.

Bathroom Renovation Winthrop 


Improved bathroom space configuration
The bathtub is a feature of the bathroom which can significantly change the make up of the room. Depending on the size  it will become the main feature regardless of what else is put into the room as its the largest feature of it.

  • The corner bathtub provides the bath facility within the triangular corner area. In so doing, it frees up much central space, reclaiming it as space for easy movement and usable wall space.
  • This additional space may be used for functional purposes such as shelves and cabinets or for aesthetic purposes such as putting up artwork, lighting and bathroom rugs.
  • Corner bathtubs offer a deeper volume for bathing as compared to traditional bathtubs. Deep bathtubs enhance the user’s experience and are a great choice for people who like a hot soak for pain relief and relaxation.
  • The Spa Bath set up allows for exciting bath that’s more of a luxury then a ordinary free standing bath


  • Corner bathtubs are generally quite bulky and though they fit in a corner, they need sufficient space for installation.
  • The corner configuration and greater depth of these tubs, make cleaning access slightly inconvenient. One needs to get inside the tub to reach all parts including the back corner ledge and walls.
  • The design does not lend itself to having a built-in shower, and a separate provision will need to be made for this.
  • If its a spa bath it will cost more to put in the electrics needed for a operation of the jets. Often a separate switch needs to put on the metre adding to significant costing.

So there you have it the pro’s and con’s but ask yourself do i have a hour to fill and wait for my bath. Do i have have a bathroom big enough where it does not feel cramped having this spa bath and lastly do i want to spend the $1500 to $2000 extra to install and buy something like this. If you can see yourself using it once a week yes! once a month maybe not. Once every 6 months you start to wonder could i have used that money and space for something better.

Like everything ask and envision yourself having it in day to day life and that will give you the best answer.

Regards James

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Bathroom Renovation Winthrop

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