The Strip

Features, Boarders, Trim, That Blingy Thing

Whatever you call it if you have ever been involved in a bathroom renovation the decision will come up. In today’s article, we will just cover the strip not the exotic dance, the mosaic strip that’s crucial to the finish of that perfect bathroom you have created

The Glass Mosaics – The Strip

The most common border we would use is the strip is the glass mosaic, massive between 2005 and 2012 almost every job that we did have glass mosaic border. They look great, easy to keep clean and scream bathroom when you see them. Unfortunately, like most trends the longer it goes on the more overused, it feels, the cheaper the looks feels sometimes. A new wave of mosaics that incorporate stone and glass as well as metallic really get the most out of the feature with some real incredible designs. These new wave features have resurrected the glass mosaic strip

The Strip is a reference to the location of the border usually between 75mm to 300mm, the most popular place to install the strip is in a location that will be seen when you first open the door as it’s generally the feature of the bathroom. Some people want to have it around the room but my opinion is that when you run it around the room it gets lost between all your fittings, the window the mirror the door etc. The size of the border depends on the look you are going for generally the 100mm works for the up and down strip, it’s important to always note that the colour of your wall grout will change the overall look of your border usually softening it, I bring this up as the border you love pre-grout might not be the border you love post grout so it’s important to try and imagine it before picking that final tile.

Always take the advice of people who do this every day, you spend good money on your renovations and every day of your life you might wake up and wonder why did I not listen on the other hand you might wake up and think “wow I should design professionally” regardless of the outcome enjoy the designing process as its endless possibilities.

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