Classico Crema – Heart Is Where the Home Is


Whenever we renovate we always treat it like our own home and this most important quality you can have as a tradesman.  If you have this mindset not only will you respect every aspect of the job you will approach it with a sense of price.

This bathroom was a previous house that we owned and it’s a example of the pride we have at home that we bring to our work and the heart that is required on each project


Layout – The Original layout of this room was a classic 2000’s style bathroom with its bright Italian influenced green and its random pattern it’s a example of almost all homes in canning vale built in the same time , along with a shallow small bath a smaller vanity and a narrow Shower it was in desperate need to be more functional. However we needed to remove a toilet wall adjacent and open it up to make one big room to really maximise the space. We now had a larger vanity where the shower and old vanity was located a spa bath where the old bath was and a shower and toilet where the toilet wash room was located

Completion Time – 10 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 1500mm Granite Sandstorm Sealed Top – With One Set Of Draws and Semi Recessed Bowls

Bath – Decina Spa Bath 10 Jet 3 Seater

Toilet – Caroma Rolled Toilet Suite

Shower – Semi Frameless Permitter Screen

Mixer – Luxe Shower Mixer – Brevelle Sliding Tap Mixers With Hand Sensor

Shower Head – Rain Shower With LED Water Changing

Mirrors – Double Wave Bevelled 900×750

Tiles –Wall – Sandstone Crema 300mmx600mm Rectified Laid At 1.5mm, Floor – Sandstone Rock 300mmx300mm

Boarder – Brown Rock 300mmx100mm Laid 2.4Lineal Meters 2x 




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