5 Bathroom Renovation Trends 2018

Thinking of renovating your bathroom?. Before you begin let us help you in navigating whats on trend in 2018. These days the bathroom is not only used for hygiene, it’s also a space for relaxation and beauty where you want to feel comfortable and fresh.

While there are timeless options you can choose for your bathroom, technology and trends are always changing so If you plan on updating your bathroom in 2018 here are the latest trends that bathrooms in Perth WA are experiencing.



Frosted V Transparent Shower Screens

 There are way too many choices when it comes to products for your next bathroom renovation and shower screens are not different. Now I would say that almost 90 percent of all shower screens we install for our bathroom renovations in Perth would use transparent glass. There are a few reasons for this such as.

  • Transparent glass allows for more light

  • Shows off features and borders you may have

  • The larger selection of pre-made and more affordable



Creating a Child Friendly Bathroom

Children are often at the forefront of what we do. Whether you have them, planning to have them or trying to get them out of your home they will be the first thought that comes to mind. Depending on the age of the child you may want to adapt your new bathroom to their needs as well without going totally overboard. Below are my 5 tips for creating a child-friendly bathroom renovation.


Easier To Clean Bathrooms – Tips

No one really likes cleaning, well I guess some people do but I am certainly not one of those people. So if you are like me who’s Sundays involve standing in the shower while inhaling bleach as I toothbrush the dark mould out of square upon tiny square of white grout you would rather be spending your time doing anything else. So I have compiled some strategies below that we have used in our bathroom renovations throughout Perth, Western Australia to help avoid that new bathroom of yours from getting dirty in the first place.



What Is A Nib Wall?

Do you ever have that one spot between your shower screen and vanity that you can’t quite get too? For many of our clients, it can be the most frustrating part of their bathroom as a lot of the time poor design and incorrect installation combined with lack of space results in this common issue. This brings us to the Nib Wall or that wall in the shower, that some people referred to it as. Click Here For Article


5 Lighting Ideas for Bathrooms

Lighting plays a big part in both the mood and efficiency of a bathroom, so if you’re planning a bathroom renovation, be sure to spend some time thinking about it. Below are the 5 Lighting tips we recommend too all our Perth clients during their renovations. Electrical can sometimes be one of the lowest costings options during the renovation but can often give the highest impact.

Black and White Bathrooms 2.0

We at on the ball bathrooms have done more black and white bathrooms then we have had a cheeky coffee from a nice client and that’s a lot. In 2017 there are modern variations of the classic black and white bathroom renovations. As mentioned in previous posts Perth WA is going through a black and white bathroom boom! With below-being examples and advice on the two types of trending bathroom renovations that brings black and white into the modern day.

Semi-Framess or Frameless Shower Screens

Often there is a high degree of confusion on the difference between the semi-frameless and frameless showers screens. We at on the ball bathrooms will be the heroes you need and break down the difference between the two as well as the pros and cons of each style. Although a shower screen is functional, it can also be a design statement so let’s start with the most commonly used shower screen that we use in our bathroom renovations throughout Perth, Western Australia.