7 Tips For Small Perth Bathroom Renovations

For most of us, we are all trying to create more space in our homes. The reality is our small Perth bathrooms have an overflowing drawer of make-up, deodorants, razors, spare toothpaste, and toilet roll lastly let’s not forget those sample size amenities we take from hotels, with the thought that they’ll be useful but never actually use!
Below we will cover 7 Tips for your small Perth WA bathroom renovation that will maximize the room you have.

1. LET THERE BE LIGHT. If the room doesn’t have the luxury of an external window, the implementation of a simple skylight can bask the space in natural light, without taking up precious wall space.

  • Clear shower screens (as opposed to opaque) give the illusion extra space and light.

  • A fully frameless shower screen doesn’t create any visual barriers at all and can work brilliantly in a small bathroom.

  • Make use of natural light, don’t block windows with heavy blinds.

  • Consider a skylight. A skylight will solve problems if the room is oriented away from the sun.


3. Floating Vanity. A vanity that connects only to the wall makes a bathroom instantly appear larger and creates the option for storage underneath. They reason the wall hung vanity makes the small bathroom feel bigger is it creates a flow to the bathroom not broken up by harsh lines to the floor. One other benefit of the wall hung vanity is it allows you to pick a floor tile that won’t clash with your wood grain vanity.


4. Get Wet – Wet rooms with no shower screen or an open shower screen are exactly how they sound. Without the use of a door, you can really open up a small bathroom or ensuite. The majority of the small bathroom renovations we do in Perth WA only uses a fixed panel shower screen for this example. For advice on the wet room set up including pros and cons


5. Store Me High– Utilize the space above the toilet.  Many people don’t consider the top of the toilet as an additional storage space. There’s an opportunity to create an instant shelf by extending the counter above the toilet or if you have the wall space implement shelving like this small Perth ensuite below.

7Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Even in the smallest Perth bathroom has space for a mirror, mirrors have a magical effect in making the room feel bigger. Most small bathrooms have the same height as a big bathroom so why not show off that height with a high long mirror cabinet as it will create height in the room but also the mirror cabinet is great for keeping items off the vanity to create space.  Below are examples from our Morley and Perth renovations that are small bathrooms but use Ceiling High Mirror cabinets.


Small bathroom renovations in Perth can be annoying plain and simple.  A lot of our renovations especially in Perth have the smallest Ensuites and our clients are often frustrated trying to make this space that you can’t even swing a cat in the dream bathroom for them. The way I always look at is aim to de-clutter. Whether its the mirror cabinet to get items off the bench top or making a shower floor hobless you want to create a minimalist bathroom where possible. A minimalist bathroom feels relaxing and functional hopefully making it less annoying.

Contact: If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com



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