Sliding In and Out

Bathroom windows are big features as they usually take up a big space of the bathroom and most of the time will be in your direct eye-line when you first look into the bathroom.

It’s important to pick the right window. In this feature we will quickly focus on sliding windows in dot points so i don’t bore you to death. Now take in mind this is for Perth bathroom market but might relate to you.

Sliding Window With Obscure Glass


  • The can be open and locked
  • The Can Be Opened!!! In A Ventilation Way Not Breaking In Way
  • The Designs Generally Feel More Acceptable In A Bathroom
  • The Levels Of Privacy Can Be Adjusted On The Glass When Being Made


  • Can Look Boring
  • Require To Open Depending On Design For Ventilation
  • Being Open Will Cause The Room To Be Cold
  • Outside Trim and Inside Trim Will Be The Same
Sliding Window WIth Vent
Sliding Window – Bathroom Renovation East Perth 

There you have it, the pro’s and con’s of having sliding window for you bathroom renovation. Now as always it comes down to what you want to look at every day of you life and how a renovation suits your needs. Sliding windows are what you see what you get yes they lack wow factor but are more practical for the general buyer especially if you have issues with moisture or use the bathroom on a frequent rate

On the ball bathroom are Perth’s best bathroom renovation company specialise in adding value to your home.

Inquire today for advice or a quote as we always happy to help.

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